PKR Youth leader warns PH against ‘denial syndrome’

(FMT) – A PKR Youth leader agrees with PPBM’s Rais Hussin that the people are upset with the Pakatan Harapan government, adding that the coalition should not go into a “denial syndrome” about this reality.

“If there are leaders in the government who deny this, then it means that they are elitists and aloof from reality,” Syukri Razab said.

Stressing that he was speaking in his personal capacity, the PKR Youth secretary and chief strategist of PH’s Youth wing claimed that this was the same problem that befell Umno when it governed the country previously.

Syukri said it was a common perception among the people that there have been no significant changes in their lives since PH wrested federal power last May.

“There are still many issues involving the cost of living that have not been solved,” he told FMT.

He said the rate of unemployment had remained at 3.4% for the last three years, adding that 174,327 degree holders lost their jobs in the first quarter this year. Most of them, he said, were from the B40 group.

Syukri said the people were also waiting to see how the government would help them get fair and decent wages.

At the same time, he said, tolls were still in place, National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) borrowers were struggling to repay their debts, while some students were forced to sell petai to pay for their university registration fees, as shown by a video that had gone viral.

He said the people were also being inundated by announcements from the government that, whether intentional or not, “unnecessarily incite polemics” and “give space for those riding on racial and religious sentiments to jump the bandwagon”.

Ultimately, he said, the people would see who was willing to make their lives better, who can increase their salaries, and who would give them more work opportunities and educational scholarships.

“This is what needs to be done by PH. Stop with the flying car project and other issues that only increase negative perceptions about the government.

“It is embarrassing to be forced to make U-turns if you prematurely make announcements,” he said.

Syukri, however, disagreed with Rais that PH would be staring at defeat at the next general election to Umno and PAS.

The rakyat gave “enough chances” to Umno, he said, and PAS “should solve the debt of their newspaper (Harakah) before they debate about conquering Putrajaya”.