Serious thoughts for Harapan ministers and leaders to think


A few days back IGP blames Opposition for destabilizing Pakatan govt amid rising race, religious tension. A few weeks ago Lim Kit Siang the senior leader of DAP was booed and sent him away in a diner. People who voted Pakatan becoming fed up with slow or no action against racial and religious tensions.

In yesterday’s Malaysiakini article, PM Tun Dr.Mahathir said managing racial sensitivities most difficult part to be a PM. Same-day in the evening Lim Kit Siang released a press statement in Malaysiakini stated ‘should I forget about New Malaysia and quit’. Amid ongoing tension between races are becoming dangerous in Malaysia.

The reason behind the tensions is all races are feeling uncomfortable with some kind racial discrimination practices in Malaysia. The Malays are thinking they may lose their rights and the minority groups are feeling they are not treated equally. By right, our country is going through suicidal practices. A government should treat the citizens equally there cannot be partial.

Time for us to define who is entitled to the rights of the son of the soil and ketuanan. The whole thing has been widely practiced under the leadership of Tun when he was in BN. In this era of 2020 we, Malaysian cannot accept everything blindly. Son of soil or ketuanan cannot be accepted as it was 30 years ago. The terms are getting old and we need to define it. Someone who is stealing public money, someone who is committing a crime, someone who is raping, someone who is going against the law, cannot be identified as a Tuan. The term doesn’t fit and by right we cannot accept that. If someone is favorably provoking other races cannot be identified as a Tuan for others. The acceptance the term should come spontaneously and not by force. The forcefulness which been done for many years now it’s becoming over the board.

During our kings’ special occasions, service medal been given according to their service attitude, similarly who is entitled to the special terms should come from their attitude not by birth. The birth doesn’t define one as a king or minister but everything comes from hardworking, therefore to tackle growing dangerous racism and extremism we should stop using the superior words for all Malays because there are also criminals and others who do not follow the country’s law. It will be null and void to address a wrongdoer and extremist as a Tuan.

Many politicians sending their kids to overseas for studies, they are sending their kids to a country which practices equal rights even for their kids. They never send their kids to a country which practices institutionalist racism. Therefore when they are choosy for their rights, why it’s not possible for Malaysian who born here to be treated equally?

The way our country is going looks very dangerous, soon or later there can be a civil war within the country. The IGP and Pakatan leaders are blaming the opposition for racism and religious bigotries.

By right the ruling government is failing the people by not fulfilling their manifesto promises. The most important thing is the ruling government has enough power to put the end for all the racism and religious bigotries. How?

Many Malaysians are thinking that Malaysia is the only country which has multi-racial society but it is a completely wrong idea. USA, UK, Other European countries are having Multiple races in their countries. How they are keeping everyone under control? It is because they give everyone equal treatment and they do not discriminate between races like how it’s happening in our country. The second important thing is they have strict Anti Racial and Anti Discrimination law, which protects every religion and race.

But here quite the opposite. Such rules like in Malaysia will always keep in the country under turmoil. The dissatisfaction of races will be there because treating one as better and the others as second class.

The police should be serious about racial and religious bigotries. Whoever gives evidence and facts, the police must act without favor, it’s not when some group makes a complaint, police act immediately and the others should make more than hundred complains before the police make an effort. All those are dissatisfaction of all races. Who Pakatan leaders going to show the world that they are non-partial to anyone?

As I said they should immediately define who is entitled, second treat every citizen equally, the third implement anti-racist & discrimination act and police should act vigorously without fear and favor. Will this happen in the Pakatan rule? Are the ministers ready to perform or they are simply going ignore the problems and lose the next election? The answer is open to all leaders and it’s time for all races to push for equal treatment and Anti-racist & discrimination policies. I hope by the implementation of such laws our country will become NEW MALAYSIA. And by reading this we should boost our Merdeka spirit by rejecting religious bigotries and racist in Malaysia than we can SAYANG MALAYSIA together.