Sinking deeper into trouble

(JUST READ) – Actually I am appalled by the spate of racism attacks of late as it get more rampant. It was not as bad during the BN government since there were strict enforcement and stringent laws controlling it. However, it went out of control under PH government, as if what happens outside Putrajaya is the people’s business.

Just look at how some sympathisers and supporters of the condemned Communist Party of Malaya go. They did not only glorify their ancestors for fighting a communist-agenda war against the British and the independence Malaysia but went a bit further by drawing racist-like reaction from the Malays and other peace-loving Malaysians whose relatives were killed during the Emergency.

There were effort to bring back Chin Peng ashes for cremation in Sitiawan, and the rising voice of pro-communist insurgency by not only some quarters in the DAP but also by some leaders who are now Cabinet ministers and Deputy Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat.

What is all this?

It reflects the level of weaknesses in Pakatan leaders who are left speechless and action-less over the power they have to share with DAP. Staying in power is much more important rather than attending to matters of national security and people’s fear over the possibility of a civil war in the country. If it happens, it could spell calamity to Malaysia.

Should the Internal Security Act (ISA) – repealed by BN in 2011 – is still intact, these are the people who would end up in detention camps. Najib’s government repealed the Act after considering the state of peace, harmony and stability in the country. Yes, it was calm back then but there were warnings that some sectors of the community may ride on it and spark a new round of tension. And it is happening.

The current government seems to ignore all there, enjoying every second of political power they possess. To them, holding power is just enough.

DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng, who is now the Finance Minister, couldn’t answer questions to accusation that his party is about communism, and the equality or ‘kesamarataan’ concept under the Malaysian Malaysia slogan is akin to communist China.

It is under PH that then Social Contract is no longer adhered to, the Constitution is provoked and the monarchy is mocked. The Bahasa Melayu as the official language and Islam as the official religion are at its toughest test since the emergence of non-Malay provocation of late.