UK to rip up EU ‘freedom of movement’ rules

Confusion reigns after officials announce end to migration on day one of Brexit.

(Al Jazeera) – A shock decision by the UK’s new government to end freedom of movement for European Union citizens on its scheduled Brexit departure date has caused widespread consternation.

Alarmed groups representing Europeans and businesses have echoed politicians slamming the move scheduled for October 31, which was denounced as “ludicrous” by Labour opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The decision, announced this week by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s new home secretary, Priti Patel, ends an existing policy to end free movement “as soon as possible” if Britain leaves the EU without transition arrangements in a “no-deal” Brexit.

“It is absolutely reckless policymaking,” said Kuba Jablonowski of the3million, an organisation representing EU citizens in the UK.

“The substance of this announcement is very troubling because we don’t know what ending freedom of movement means exactly – but if it means implementing checks on who is a permanent resident and who isn’t from November onwards, then the infrastructure to do that is simply not ready.”

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