Mahathir’s Mafulat-ish Machiavellianism may destroy Pakatan

KTemoc Konsiders

I have been steadfast in my support of Mahathir, and have cautioned him to be more mindful of the sentiments of the people who want to see him rule the nation in line with the narratives of Malaysia Baru.

But after initial hope of a more liberal leadership, the people have begun to realise that Mahathir has started to revert to his dictatorial and strong-arm ways.

He has begun to impose his personal vision and agenda to move Malaysia forward. That power corrupts is an obvious dictum but even in his second opportunity as prime minister, Mahathir still finds it difficult to resist holding on to the lure and grandeur of power.

A Kadir Jasin, seen as Mahathir’s spokesman, was compelled to comment that it is imperative for Mahathir to stick to the two to three-year timeline to which he has committed. It is as if the wise old man is giving a stark reminder to Mahathir that for all the trappings of power and authority, nobody should overstay their welcome.

At 94, how much longer can Mahathir continue grappling with the nation’s problems?

Instead of overstaying with the risk of an ignominious end, it would be best for Mahathir to make a gracious exit sooner rather than later.