Anwar must reveal his stand on Zakir Naik

(Malaysiakini) – Much has been said against and for Zakir Naik by leaders of the ruling party including by Dr Mahathir Mohamad but we are nowhere near a satisfying conclusion.

The controversial Islamic preacher who spews venom in his speeches seems to have special protection from the ruling elites, especially the interim prime minister.

I call on PKR president Anwar Ibrahim to reveal his take on the issue. Does Anwar, like Mahathir, wish to keep Zakir here in Malaysia or send him back to India to face charges of money-laundering and others?

While it is a foregone conclusion that Mahathir is against sending Zakir back home, we, the rakyat, want to know Anwar’s stand, as he eventually will be our PM.

Anwar cannot be forever silent on the Zakir Naik matter which is heating up the debate among Malaysians between those who want him deported to India and those who welcome him to stay in the country.

Which is more important? Protecting the 32 million Malaysians or protecting one foreign individual who is wanted by the law in his own country?

What has Malaysia gotten by giving Zakir a permanent resident status? Have we gained something positive and constructive from his presence and activities here, as a country?

Or that only a few individuals have actually gained from their association with Zakir Naik?

Anwar, please state your stand, sir.

We also would like to ask Anwar whether it is true or false that the federal cabinet is evenly divided between those who want to keep Zakir and those who wish for his quick deportation.

The writer is president, Pertubuhan Kebudayaan Rumpun Dayak Sabah (PKRDS).