Dr Mahathir is a statesman, says DAP

(The Star) – The DAP has dismissed allegations that Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is capitalising on the khat or Jawi calligraphy controversy to split the Chinese and unite the Malays, says Anthony Loke.

The DAP national organising secretary said Dr Mahathir was a statesman.

“And he is a Prime Minister for all Malaysians, ” he added.

Loke, also the Transport Minister, said this when asked to comment on claims by some parties that the issue was being used to divide the Chinese community.

He was speaking to reporters after opening Airbus’ new regional helicopter completion and delivery centre (CDC) in Subang on Tuesday (Aug 6).

He said the party had obtained feedback from its leaders and would forward their stand on khat to the Cabinet.

“DAP leaders had gathered on Monday (Aug 5), we have listened to the views and feedback from our elected representatives.

“We are united. And we will convey our view to the Cabinet, ” he said.

On the MCA’s call to DAP to pressure Dr Mahathir to abort plans to introduce khat in schools as part of the Bahasa Melayu syllabus, Loke said the DAP would only listen to the voices of its members and the general public.

“We are not obligated to the MCA. Our obligation is to the Malaysian public.

“We serve the people, not the MCA, ” he added.

The announcement by the Education Ministry that khat would be taught as part of the Bahasa Melayu subject for Year Four pupils from next year caused an uproar, with many saying it would burden the pupils.

Dr Mahathir said that the objections were only from a small segment of society.