UMNO-PAS coalition frightens Mahathir

KTemoc Konsiders

Mahathir is just buying time, waiting for his desired frogs to make his Parti Pribumi the strongest possible component in whatever coalition suits his ‘secret’ agenda, hence brushing aside Anwar’s growing trepidation at being played out again and again.

As Malaysiakini letter-writer Ismail Hafiz concluded of Mahathir’s secret agenda:

It demonstrates his plan to weaken Umno {via frogology} in the wake of Zahid’s return as president.

It shows his desire to assert full control, but it does not show any semblance of a better future for Malays via Malay unity.

But it may brighten the future for his Chye-Chye, and enervate DAP, a Chinese majority party he actually detests greatly.

However, Mahathir who has enormous hopes of harvesting the fruits of his old hunting ground, namely UMNO, worries about the new PAS-UMNO coalition, in which political analysts have analysed may (as a coalition without vote splitting) pick up possibly 93 Dewan Rakyat seats, which is just 19 seats short of majority rule.

Ignoring the nebulous prospects of MCA and MIC in GE15, that shortfall of 19 MPs may be satisfied by a number of possibilities, namely:

(a) PKR or part of the party, where it’s already stated there are kamcheng between (i) Anwar Ibrahim and Ahmad Zahid, or alternatively (ii) Azmin Ali and Hishamuddin Hussein,

(b) Mahathir’s own Parti Pribumi though this possibility suffers from two adverse considerations, namely (i) Parti Pribumi may not even win 19 federal seats based on its rotten performance in GE14, wakakaka, and (ii) most important of all, Mahathir won’t be able to control the winning PAS-UMNO coalition with just a paltry 19 seats or even less (the 19 may be in combination with one part of PKR).

This won’t do insofar as the Imperator is concerned, wakakaka. Thus Mahathir is worried and has called for a meeting with mainly Malay parties including GPS which may be the king-maker post GE15.

So why would he invite Anwar and least of all, Lim Kit Siang?