Mahathir must hand over to Anwar by Jan or May 2020

(FMT) – Fed up with the dilly-dallying by Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the pro-Anwar Ibrahim group, Otai Reformasi, has decided to set the prime minister a deadline by which he should hand over the reins to Anwar.

The group, which comprises diehard “Reformasi” supporters, said they will announce the date next week. “It will either be in January or May next year,” said the group’s secretary, Abdul Razak Ismail, “since Mahathir is dilly-dallying when it comes to handing over the reins to Anwar.”

Last month Otai Reformasi had urged Mahathir to set a date on when he intends to make way for Anwar.

Abdul Razak told FMT today that Mahathir had an odd stance on the handover, as he was now speaking to leaders of the opposition party PAS and Gabungan Parti Sarawak, which runs Sarawak.

Under a deal struck by the PH leadership, Anwar was to succeed Mahathir as prime minister two years after the coalition took power.

But Mahathir has made vague assurances about the transfer of power, saying there was no definite time frame. Last week, he declared: “Unless they push me to a corner and put a gun to my head to continue to finish my term, I will step down.”