Interpol refuses to issue Red Notice on Zakir Naik for the third time

(The Sun Daily) – India has failed in its third attempt to get Interpol to issue a Red Notice for controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik.

In a statement, which was forwarded by the preacher’s aide to the Sun, Interpol has yet again refused to issue a Red Notice against Zakir, citing a lack of evidence and proof of wrongdoing.

“This is the third failed attempt by the Indian government to convince Interpol of the criminal charges against Zakir. In the first instance, the Indian government failed to produce charges and evidence.”

The Commission for the Control of Interpol’s Files secretariat said Zakir is not subject to an Interpol Red Notice or diffusion. The decision was made during the 109th session of Interpol’s Commission, which took place from July 1 to 5.

“After a thorough examination of the elements before it, the commission found that the data challenged raised questions as to compliance with applicable rules,” it said in the letter issued on July 22, which was received by theSun through Zakir’s office in India.

“As a results, it considered that the retention of this data in the Interpol Information System was not compliant with Interpol’s rules and decided that they should be deleted.”

The letter said the decision to delete the data was forwarded to the commission general secretariat on July 15.

“Please be advised that the Interpol General Secretariat has informed all of its national central bureaus (NCBs) that it has deleted the data (charges) relating to your client.

“All international police cooperation via Interpol’s channels in this case would not be in conformity with Interpol’s rules.”

“The decision of the commission concerning your client and an official letter from the Interpol General Secretariat, certifying that he (Zakir) is not subject to an Interpol Red Notice or Diffussion” added the letter.

Interpol’s decision is seen as a setback to the Indian government, which has been persistently trying to get the international police organisation to issue a Red Notice on the Islamic preacher.

In the last twelve months, India is believed to have had multiple meetings with an Interpol team in New Delhi over the issue.