Kit Siang Pandai Cakap Ayam Saje

KTemoc Konsiders

Not that I want to see/hear Lim Kit Siang silenced and STFU, but other than being MenHEN (specialising in harassing an already fallen man) he is a very quarrelsome person, ceaselessly picking on trivial issues or statements by BN politicians to cross swords with. He seems to forget he is no longer in the Opposition and should talk on important policy matters or government intentions and plans.

If Zahid showed he is an idiot in what he says, let that idiot be. Why debate with an idiot to demonstrate how ‘clever’ Lim KS is?

There are far more important issues at hand than to show or prove that an idiot is an idiot. Lim KS just loves to quarrel and undoubtedly misses his previous enjoyment at verbal stabbing at and of Mahathir, but now Atuk has become his Boss to protect with Kerbau stuff like “I did not say Mahathir was corrupt” – what a hypocrite – he preys on idiots.

Meanwhile in Chemor Perak, poor farmers just have their land which they have worked on for more than 40 years confiscated by an old UMNO hand who has become the MB of Perak, Ahmad Faizal Azumu, by virtue of Mahathir arbitrarily nominating him to be MB Perak even though Parti Pribumi won only one seat in the state of Perak in GE14 – yes, I’m not mistaken in saying he was in UMNO but jumped over to Pribumi just in time for the last general elections.

Azumu still shows all the attributes of an UMNO bloke in the way he has been handling affairs in the state. It’s not only poor Chinese farmers who will receive the blunt of his pribumi-ish policies (which sees land seized from poor farmers by Azumu to be GIVEN away as GIFTS to state footballers, some of whom have never use a changkol-hoe before in their entire lives), but Perakians shall consider themselves lucky if there are trees still standing in reserve forest lands by GE15.