Anwar’s blur and will repeat past mistakes

Another Brick in the Wall

… Anwar was speaking about nation-building and gave an academic approach to the issue including stressing that all races must live as one happy family.‬ Anwar did not however explain how that can be done. – Raja Petra

The Star headlined Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s talk at Parliament as his plan to “accelerate need based policy”.

The reports by NST and Malaysiakini headlined as need based NEP and affirmative action to address inequality. CNA was more direct to mention mobing away from policies favouring Bumiputera.

The policy discourse in Malaysia had always been need based versus NEP or affirmative action. Unless the term need based affirmative action exist, Anwar seem clueless and trying to please all.

Anwar is at the same juncture he was 13 years ago, where he was at a lost and not know what to do. He may repeat to take the same mistaken path and suffer disappointment.

Pak Lah assisted Anwar’s release

In 2004, Pak Lah won the general election with a landslide as BN dominated 90% of the Parliamentary seats with his new broom and Mr Nice Guy image.

He took a decision to not interfere in Anwar’s Federal Court appeal for a review on the guilty decision for his sodomy case.

Anwar was already in Sungai Buloh prison for abuse of power. It is likely to be the offense Tun Dr Mahathir would use to send Dato Najib to the slammer, and not for the long list of charges.

It is an offense with wide interpretation that any directive could be misconstrued abuse of power by any court. A conveniently written offense in the Penal Code to fix officials. It is an abuse of the law, but its legal.

Pak Lah’s refrain allowed the Federal Court review to independently decide 2-1 to release him and Anwar was out the year Pak Lah became PM.

UMNO was furious with the release and the release became one reason for the uprising led by Mahathir against Pak Lah and his gatekeepers – Khairy, Kamaluddin, Kalimullah and for fun, Kak Endon to make it 4K.

Upon release, Anwar left for Georgetown University, Washington as so-called fellow. A Malay study graduate from University Malaya to hold teaching position?

After a year, he returned and it was believed he had planned out his political plan.

Return to UMNO

The truth is different. Anwar still harboured intention to return to UMNO. That was why Anwar attended Pak Lah’s Raya open house at Kepala Batas in 2004.

This blog revealed years later that there was attempt to bring Anwar back. However, voices within UMNO were vocal against such prospect and it dashed Anwar’s last hope.

Mahathir started his attack on Pak Lah in 2005. But Anwar still clueless of his politucal direction.

The struggle of Parti Keadilan Nasional was to free Anwar. Now that he is free, Anwar had no idea where to position the party.

It was in 2006 that he was advised to take up good governance and fight against corruption as their calling.

He was sceptical and viewed it as difficult to carry through without the “Malay agenda”, Pak Lah’s slogan at the initial part before being detoured by Khairy and Kalimullah.

To convince Anwar, he was told there was nothing wrong with NEP. Eradication of poverty cuts across all race. The problem lies with implementation and leakages.