Kit Siang stands by his statement that Islam is used to peddle lies, falsehoods, distrust, suspicion, hatred and which supports thievery and corruption

(MMO) – DAP’s Lim Kit Siang said today only simpletons will believe that he is “condemning Muslims as thieves and corrupt.”

Just the day before he had said it is not possible to make the Islamic civilisation great again based on klepto-theocracy.

He was referring to the the prime minister’s statement in Turkey saying that Muslim countries like Malaysia, Turkey and Pakistan should pool their resources to make the Islamic civilisation great again.

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“A person becomes a thief or is corrupt not because of his religion but despite his religion,” he added.

“I support the idea of Malaysia contributing to the effort to make Islamic civilisation great again,” Lim said, adding that the country ― as a hub or meeting point of so many different cultures ― should leverage on all these to build a “great Malaysian civilisation.”

He then challenged those “cyber troopers” attacking him to explain “why they disagree that to make Islamic civilisation great again, there must be no misue of Islam to peddle lies ”