PKR leaders question Anwar’s signature collection drive

(MMO) – KR vice-presidents Tian Chua and Zuraida Kamaruddin called upon PKR President Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today to put a stop to the signature collection drive and end the current tensions within the party.

According to The Star Online, both leaders pointed out that everyone in the party including party deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali has agreed that Anwar would be the next prime minister.

“Everyone agreed during the last (party) election and the recent retreat that Anwar is the president,” said Chua today.

This follows after more and more state PKR leaders have signed a document declaring their support for Anwar.

This has also led to PKR grassroots leaders to openly declare their support for Anwar or Azmin.

Zuraida even questioned the act of collecting the signatures of grassroots leaders to support the party president as he has won the last party elections uncontested.

“He won uncontested in the last party elections. What is the justification to collect the signatures now?

“This gives rise to instability within the party. I believe everyone is tired of this political drama,” she said.

Zuraida also reiterated Azmin’s commitment to the party as he has sacrificed much to the party when Anwar was incarcerated.

“It is impossible for Azmin to abandon the ship when the party is at its height of success,’’ she said.

PKR women wing chief Haniza Talha also voiced her displeasure over the signature collection drive, stating that such actions would only split the party further.

“There is no need for such a move as he won uncontested. All of us have agreed that he should lead the party.

“This also goes against the call by the president himself to unite,” she said.