Mahathir’s destabilising powers & Injury to Azmin Ali

KTemoc Konsiders

Kim Quek has been right in all the points he highlighted and the one which caught my attention:

If Mahathir has not been entangling the premiership’s succession for so long, enticing Azmin Ali and unsettling Anwar Ibrahim, would it have led to the present crisis in PKR that may not only break up the party but also trigger the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan coalition?

Indeed, why couldn’t Mahathir have done that as per the pre election agreement, if he has no intention to dishonour his commitment to the Harapan consensus before the last election? And why can’t the collective leadership of Harapan insist that this is done?

To answer Kim Quek on his two questions above, firstly Mahathir has NO intention of handing over to Anwar, well at least initially – I have to admit I’m not sure now that blue-eyed boy has been ‘soiled’ (far worse than Soi Lek who only engaged in natural sex which no doubt had won the silent admiration of non Chinese, though the reprobation ire of the cheongsum aunties, wakakaka).

I’ve often mentioned why Mahathir natural proclivity has been NOT to hand over the PM-ship to Anwar, namely, (a) Anwar has been (I suspect still is) his detested enemy since 1997 – Old Man has not/never forgiven Anwar, and (b) Anwar did his son Mirzan wrong in holding back on the latter’s humongous required bailout on his shipping line during the Asian Meltdown era – no one effs around with Mahathir’s Chye-Chye unforgiven.

(c) Having returned to the PM-ship, much to his own surprise, and realising he has been given a 2nd chance to remedy all his mistakes (incurred on his own arrogant presumptuousness during his original reign up to 2003) he has decided to now fix those but he requires time, certainly more than the prescribed two years, so eff Anwar.

Secondly, why couldn’t/can’t the collective leadership of Harapan insist that it be done? Well, let’s first eliminate the ineffectual voice, that of Amanah. Then PKR itself by the very issue itself has been split into two, just the way Mahathir has intended. If Wan Azizah has made some ‘noise’, I reckon her complaints and unhappiness would have been more effective than the combined efforts of Anwar, Nurul, Rafizi etc etc etc. But she didn’t.

What about the DAP then? Who knows what Lim KS has been thinking, but whatever, I don’t like it. You can guess and it won’t be far wrong.

Avarice changes a man, even like some in the DAP.