Sacked PKR man starts ‘anyone but Anwar’ campaign

(The Star) – Sacked Seputeh PKR branch chief P. Ganapathy has kicked off an Asalkan Bukan Anwar Ibrahim (anyone but Anwar Ibrahim) initiative, saying the party president was not fit to be a prime minister.

Ganapathy alleged that Anwar practised divisive politics, nepotism and cronyism.

“A reformist would not play divisive politics to remain in power. If he can divide the party, he can divide the nation,” he said.

Ganapathy said he was sacked from the party for criticising its leadership in a WhatsApp group consisting of Anwar and all branch leaders.

“They sacked me for asking questions the president didn’t want to hear… I merely posted videos and allegations posted on social media and sought Anwar’s clarification.

“I never said anything against the party. My comments were targeted at the individual helming the party.

“Now that they have sacked me, I am free to express my views openly,” he told a press conference here on Friday (July 19).

Ganapathy said that PKR did well in the 14th General Election (GE14) in May last year “while Anwar was still in jail”, adding that cracks only appeared internally after the party leader was freed after being granted a royal pardon.

Anwar had been jailed over a sodomy charge that PKR stalwarts claimed was politically motivated.

Ganapathy also accused Anwar of practising nepotism cronyism in the party elections late last year.

“He appointed some of those who had lost in the party elections as supreme council members.

“He chose people who were rejected by the grassroots as long as they supported him. What kind of reformation is that?” he said, alluding to PKR’s reformasi battlecry.

Ganapathy also claimed that Anwar had sidelined Datuk Seri Azmin Ali, now the Economic Affairs Minister and PKR deputy president, despite the latter having been with him “through thick and thin for 30 years, long before PKR was formed”.

The two leaders have had a go at each other over sex videos that implicate Azmin in a homosexual affair, which he has categorically denied.

Earlier this week, Anwar said that Azmin should resign if it is proven conclusively that he is one of the two men in the video.

Azmin fired back, saying “Tell him he must look at the man in the mirror.”

Meanwhile, Ganapathy said he is a lifetime member who has been with the party since its inception in 1998.

“I even went bald to pray for Anwar’s freedom when he was imprisoned.

“If Anwar has no qualms sacking a member like me, who has dedicated time and resources to the party without demanding any post in return, imagine how he would treat the rakyat?” he alleged.

Ganapathy said he would seek his lawyer’s advice before going on a roadshow to raise awareness on his “Anyone But Anwar Ibrahim” campaign.