Quit if you’re the person in sex video, Anwar tells Azmin

(FMT) – Anwar Ibrahim today made his clearest stand yet on the gay sex video controversy involving Mohamed Azmin Ali, saying the economic affairs minister must quit his Cabinet post if the viral clips are found to be genuine.

But the PKR president was quick to add that the police have yet to identify the individuals in the videos, which show two men engaging in homosexual acts.

“So far we have only heard rumours,” he told reporters at the Parliament.

“The police are quite professional and they should be given due respect (in carrying out their duties.”

He said he initially took the stand that Azmin should not go on leave or resign, but said recent developments should be taken into consideration.

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad today said it is up to Azmin if he wants to go on leave pending a police probe into the videos.

Police have so far arrested nine people for distributing the clips, including former Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Aziz, who openly admitted that he was one of two men shown in the videos.

Haziq also named Azmin as the other man, a claim rejected by the minister who pointed fingers at a conspiracy to end his political career.

Also arrested was Perak PKR chief Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak, who is seen as aligned with the “Anwar camp” in PKR.

But Anwar today denied speculation that he is the mastermind behind the video saga.