Mukhriz sekarang pandai tok-kok singsong

It’s easier to control (or rather, bribe) ‘x’ number of warlords than to buy votes from hundreds of thousands or millions of party members.

KTemoc Konsiders

TMI – Bersatu Pribumi to shed Umno past with major constitutional changes.

THE party constitution needs sweeping changes if Bersatu Pribumi is to grow in strength, said its deputy president Mukhriz Mahathir.

This is because 
Bersatu Pribumi modelled its constitution on Umno’s, when the splinter party was formed in September 2016, he told a recent meeting of party delegates from the central region in Shah Alam.

Also TMI – Bersatu Pribumi will use Umno’s model to elect leaders for now, says Mukhriz.

Bersatu Pribumi is proposing to do away with its “one-member, one-vote system” for now and use the Umno model of electoral college system, said the party’s constitutional amendment committee chairman Mukhriz Mahathir.

In a recent briefing to party delegates in Shah Alam on the proposed constitutional amendments, Mukhriz said the current “one-member, one-vote system” was not practical to be used in the coming party polls due to logistical difficulties.

Wakakaka, when it suits him (& his Dad), it’s Jalan ‘A’ but when it doesn’t, it’ll be Jalan ‘B’.

Malaysiakini just reported in its Following PKR’s lead, Bersatu to open voting to all members, that:

The Bersatu Pribumi supreme council has approved the move that would open voting in party elections to all members, becoming the second Malaysian political party to do so after PKR.

Unlike PKR’s implantation, however, this would only be limited to elections at the branch and division levels, rather than including its top leadership.


Wah Mukhriz, sekarang pandai tok-kok singsong eh?

your dad has certainly taught you well


But on a serious note, what Mukhriz Mahathir proposes for the top three positions in the party – chairman, president and deputy president – to be uncontested in the coming (Parti Pribumi) party polls is his (and Dad’s) wish for him to become the president of the party, replacing Muhyiddin.

poor Moody – he has always been eff-ed
To do so, Mukhriz needs time and an assured ascension protocol.
Also, if Pribumi adopts UMNO’s existing process where the party president is chosen from and by division chiefs, then it’s obvious Mahathir and Chye-Chye want the same model to enable Chye-Chye to be the Chief.
The UMNO-style of division chiefs will no doubt create a warlord system, undeniably with potential for corruption (but so what insofar as Maddy is concerned) – it’s easier to control (or rather, bribe) ‘x’ number of warlords than to buy votes from hundreds of thousands or millions of party members.

Conveniently now, Mukhriz is the party deputy president while his father is the chairman and Muhyiddin Yassin is the president. Papa retires, Uncle Moody eff-ed off, and semua kowtim.

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