Kit Siang should focus more on PH, not Najib

TK Chua, Free Malaysia Today

Since the aborted debate between Najib Razak and Lim Kit Siang, the “running battles” between the two have continued unabated. It is true that the two are fixated with each other but I think the accusations and counter-accusations are quite irrelevant and useless as far as most Malaysians are concerned.

It is to be expected that the former PM will continue to say many things, particularly those targeted directly at DAP and Lim. But is it really the job of DAP and Lim to answer every one of them?

To me, the former PM, Umno and the opposition in general should be handled by Pakatan Harapan (PH) as whole, not just by DAP or Lim. Lim and DAP taking a central role would only play into the hands of the opposition.

Seriously, I would not be unduly troubled by what the opposition led by Najib is saying or doing now. PH’s Achilles heel is within the coalition and its lack of delivery and performance which I think Lim should pay more attention to.

Lim is not a member of the Cabinet, and by virtue of his status, I would prefer that he spends more time commenting on and evaluating the performance of PH rather than debating and arguing with Najib.

Other than pursuing the kleptocrats, I think there are many areas where PH should have done better. I wish Lim could say more even if it is unpleasant to do so.

First, what are his comments on the proxy wars and succession ambiguity within PH? Are these real or just speculation?

Second, should he not comment a little more to speed up the sex video investigation? Is it the objective of PH to let this issue linger on?

Third, can he talk and comment a little more on high-profile cases like Teoh Beng Hock and others who have disappeared? Can he not comment on why probes and more probes have yielded nothing much?

Fourth, what about deaths in custody? Can he demand to know and say a little more about these? What about Wan Ji Wan Hussin who just complained that he was assaulted while in prison? Was this not what PH stood for when it was in the opposition?

Fifth, Lynas was a big issue during the 14th general election. But what is the status now? How much more time do we need to resolve this?

Sixth, what about UEC recognition? What is the status of the study now? Will this promise be delivered or not?

Seventh, why are we so feeble in our public policy formulation? Why doesn’t he question the toll buyout instead of toll rate renegotiation? What have we decided on PTPTN loan defaulters so far? What about setting the age limit for youth, is it 30 or 40 now and who is supposed to resolve this?

I probably have more but let’s stop here for now.