DAP wants Indonesian maid in rape allegation detained

(MMO) – Perak executive councillor Paul Yong, who had allegedly raped his Indonesian domestic worker should have the latter’s passport surrendered if police feel there is a flight risk, Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng said today.

Lim said the alleged rape victim, who had lodged the report on Monday should not leave the country as well until the case has been resolved.

“The police should apply for Paul to surrender his passport to the authority if the police think that he might be a flight risk however small the possibility may be.

At the same time, the alleged rape victim should not be allowed to leave Malaysia until the police have investigated the case thoroughly and the case has been tried in court in the event that Paul is charged for allegedly raping her,” he said in a statement today.

Lim said police must have had followed the Standard Operating Procedure and gathered enough reasonable evidence before arresting Yong as the rule of law must be upheld at all times, regardless of the person involved in the case.

“The arrest of Paul Yong, an executive councillor of the Perak state government who is accused of rape by his former Indonesian maid has indeed brought into focus once again the police’s Standard Operating Procedure.

“The police must have gathered enough reasonable evidence before arresting Paul, otherwise the police would categorise the complaint as ‘no further action (NFA)’ or investigate the maid for making a false police report,” the statement read.

On Wednesday, Yong had acknowledged that he is the Perak official accused of raping his Indonesian helper, but rejected the allegation as false and baseless.

The State Local Government, Public Transport, Non-Muslim Affairs and New Villages Committee chairman was arrested on Tuesday after news of the allegation surfaced following a police report lodged by the domestic worker on Monday.

Yong allegedly raped the Indonesian woman at his house in Meru, Perak.