Perak MCA: Stop saying Paul Yong is innocent

(The Star) – The people should stop saying state executive council member Paul Yong Choo Kiong is innocent because public opinion will affect the ongoing investigation into the sexual assault case.

Perak MCA Bahasa Malaysia bureau chairman Cally Ting said this was not fair on the 23-year-old Indonesian maid who alleged she was raped by Yong.

“There are parties saying that Yong is not guilty, so are they calling the maid a liar?” she asked.

“This is still a 50-50% case. We are still not sure whether it really happened or not,” she told a press conference here on Friday (July 12).

It was reported that a police report was lodged against Yong by the maid, alleging rape.

Ting said the people should show support and encouragement for rape victims, especially those with lower social and financial status.

“Do not shame or blame the rape victims because even if it’s an indirect participation, your hands will be as dirty,” she said.