Let’s hear DAP, PKR’s views, says Hisham on call for ‘Malay unity’

(FMT) – Umno’s Hishammuddin Hussein today said he wants to see what DAP and PKR have to say about PPBM chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s call for Malay parties to join PPBM.

“I am made to understand that Pakatan Harapan (PH presidential council) will meet today,” the former Umno vice-president told reporters at the Parliament lobby.

“I will wait and see what PKR and DAP’s stance on this is,” he said, noting that Mahathir’s call for “penyatuan ummah” (unity of the ummah) requires PH parties to state their stance as well, not just Malay parties.

The Sembrong MP also said PAS and Umno should not be “arrogant” in their response to the prime minister’s call because “people are watching us”.

“Let’s have some semblance. If we really want to unite, let us unite in a sincere manner so the people can see we have their interest at heart.

“If it is able to reduce politicking, then praise be to God,” he said.

Hishammuddin said the public are fed up with the politicking that is taking place.

“Let’s move on, that has always been my stand,” he added.

On Friday, Mahathir, the PPBM chairman, invited Malay-based parties, including Umno, to join PPBM in efforts to unite the Malays.

He said he found more and more Malay parties were being formed, which reduced the potential of the Malay parties to win the elections.

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim earlier today said he would seek clarification from Mahathir regarding his call.

He said it was not necessary for him to discuss this with other PH parties first as this was a call made by PPBM.