Azmin booed at Felda event

(FMT) – Loud jeers greeted Mohamed Azmin Ali when he addressed thousands of Felda settlers during an event he attended with Dr Mahathir Mohamad in Pahang recently.

Video clips of the incident were also shared on the social media, showing Azmin’s speech drowned by “boos” from the audience attending the national-level Felda Settlers’ Day 2019 celebration at Felda Selancar 3 in Rompin.

Azmin was making reference to the new government’s efforts to restore Felda amid allegations of mismanagement and misappropriation of funds, when he was greeted with audience booing.

In a response, Azmin’s ally in PKR Afif Bahardin said the crowd’s reaction was not surprising as they were in enemy territory.

“You must understand, we were in Umno territory in Pahang, and there are bound to be people who would buat kacau (create a disturbance).

“After so many scandals in Felda caused by Umno, this kind of thing is nothing. You should focus on how much has been looted from Felda during the Umno/Najib Razak tenure,” the Permatang Pauh PKR deputy chairman told FMT.

“Azmin is trying to revamp Felda, bring it back to the glory days.”

Azmin has come under pressure in recent weeks in the wake of allegations that he had a homosexual relationship with a PKR Sarawak youth leader.

Haziq Aziz, who made the allegations, has since been stripped of his party membership as well as from his government position.

Police say they are still investigating viral video clips showing two men in homosexual activities in what appears to be a hotel room.

Azmin has denied he was the person in the video, saying it was an attempt to kill his political career.