New CCTV footage

By cheGuBard

With the spread of CCTV footage inside the hotel Four Point Sheraton Sandakan hotel linked to an alleged slanderous attack reveals the existence of a conspiracy to bring Azmin Ali down.

The first issue is that the hotel’s CCTV security should be confidential and not to be disclosed. With this CCTV vulnerable by the Sheraton, its proving that there are parties who make personal attacks on Azmin. Obviously the CCTV was edited but with the spread of these issue, tourist would definitely avoid using Sheraton hotels as it turned out they failed to keep the privacy of their customers.

Customer information and cctv footage should not be disclosed as it is compulsory for the hotel to maintain the privacy of a customer. According to the Free Malaysia Today report the Sheraton acknowledged and was aware of the deployment of that cctv footage.

Due to the fact that the hotel has failed to protect the privacy of its customers and the excitement of certain parties who are spreading the video footage, it will cause tourists to stay away from Malaysia as it clearly illustrates the Malaysian hotel does not protect the privacy of its customers.

Until now the Sheraton has not only failed to explain how the CCTV’s security was spread and manipulated or edited to cause bad perception. The Sheraton also failed to file a police report on it if Sheraton was innocent.

Since the defamation video was spread several police reports were made including by Azmin Ali and the police should had seized earlier cctv footage from the hotel. Is there a party within the Home Ministry (KDN) involved in the deployment of the modified CCTV footage?

For me and many other friends, our stand is clearly opposed to the disgusting politics of pornographic video attacks to bring down certain political leaders. As we reject video and pornographic offence attacks against Anwar as well as the principles we use today. This video and our malicious tactics are completely rejected.

Remember that Anwar Ibrahim’s issue is not a video and images are spread not only with women, but also with men we are completely denied. Although there is a court decision or there is a party verifying the legitimacy of the video which is then documented in court. We reject it because it’s politically evil.

What can we say, even if those who are not involved in this defamation video, but they taking an advantage of this issues and challenge Azmin Ali to sue Haziq in court.

As we agreed that Anwar did not sue Eskay and Ummi Hafilda, and recaptured the summons against Saiful and did not summon Azizan as it only wasted time and gave way to the politics of slandering defamation society so our stand was the same today.

To all Malaysian politicians, the people are increasingly affected by various problems, especially the cost of living. Compete in highlighting plans and agendas for the people. If you want to attack the wrongdoing of corruption and corrupt practices not with the politics of pornographic defamation which not only does not help the people but also destroy the society