Tuan Ibrahim: PAS will not support ‘pointless’ asset declaration motion

(The Star) – PAS will not support the special motion to compel all MPs to declare their assets, says party deputy president Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man (pic).

“We will not support it unless it becomes legislation. It is pointless if it’s just a special motion,” he said to reporters when met at Parliament lobby on Monday (July 1).

“Our country already has existing laws for the matter. All income must be reported to the Inland Revenue Board. So I think there isn’t a need for the motion,” he said.

Tuan Ibrahim also added that Islam does not allow people to publicly disclose their wealth.

At the same time, Tuan Ibrahim also said that since the Opposition had no access to government projects, there was no need declare their assets.

The Kubang Kerian MP said that the Government should be more careful on what it chooses to table in Parliament.

“Don’t be hasty. We should study the implications. Let’s not be too desperate to table it and then decide to withdraw it the next day,” added.

The special motion to compel all lawmakers to declare their assets was tabled in Parliament on Monday (July 1).

The motion proposed that those who failed to declare their assets would be hauled to the Parliament’s Select Committee on Rights and Privileges.

However, MPs who make false declarations will be subjected to prosecution under Section 3, Act 783 (Statutory Declaration) and Section 193 of the Penal code, which carries a jail term not exceeding three years or a fine.