The sad pitiful transformation of a once senior statesman into a whining lapdog

KTemoc Konsiders

Constant incomprehensible snapping at anything that moves to dig at Najib. Irritating useless housewife stuff.

This has been why I have turned from being once an adulating hero-worshipper of Lim Kit Siang into someone now who is utterly disappointed, dismayed and disgusted by/with his change from being once the nation’s respected senior statesman (albeit from the once-Opposition) who touched on significant issues of deep import into a mere mean mafulat-ish mealy-mouthpiece of his master, Mahathir the Imperator.

On orders from his Master, who hates Najib with a vengeance, to attack Najib on whatever, whenever, whichever way, he does so loyally like a cuddly lapdog.

What has happened to that once dignified senior statesman?