Politically speaking: The return of Zahid and Mat Hasan

Another Brick in the Wall

The rumour of Dato Ahmad Zahid Hamidi returning from gardening leave and resume the UMNO Presidency have been going around for a few months.

It was long anticipated that there was sufficient time for politician-led MACC to slap him wiih additional 33 more charges related to alleged corruption involving RM42.76 million from Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd in relation to the Overseas Visa System and One Stop Centre in China.

When he was charged last week, a friend texted to comment Zahid is gone. But when he made the long expected surprise yesterday, the impulsive comment from most non-politician observers is to question UMNO for accepting a tarnished Zahid back.

Is Zahid gone or back?

It depends whether one is talking politics or something else. Often the case, Malaysians wants to talk of politics but it is about something else. And when they talk about a subject, say corruption, what they actually is talking or end up talking is politics.

There have been many analysis and opinions on the return of Zahid such as concern on moral perception, number game between supporting Tun Dr Mahthir or Anwar. and handing over the presidency to Dato Mohamed Hassan.

Really, what is there to talk about? This is UMNO internal party matter and only for public observation but not concern. UMNO presidency does not determine national leadership. Yet the Mahathirites and Anwarista are competing for UMNO MP votes.

Will there be a vote of no confidence in Parliament?