The ‘jijik’ politics that Pakatan Harapan is playing

Raja Sara Petra

Pakatan Harapan is complaining about the ‘jijik’ politics being played regarding the video to bring down PKR leader and Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali. What about the ‘jijik’ politics being played against Umno? Is it only ‘jijik’ when it is done to Pakatan Harapan but not if it is done to Barisan Nasional?

The maki hamun Rosmah Mansor. The allegation that Najib Tun Razak or Umno had paid PAS and/or its leaders RM90 million, which was made by the top leaders of Pakatan Harapan. Today, this allegation has been proven false and PAS has demanded that all those who made this allegation apologise for the lie. But there has been utter silence from Pakatan Harapan and from all those who made this RM90 million allegation.

Fitnah against Najib and Rosmah not “jijik”, is it?

MACC has announced 41 recipients of RM270 million of 1MBD’s money (PAS was not amongst them). They alleged this money was stolen from 1MDB. If so, then it is a crime. So why is MACC going for civil forfeiture instead of criminal action? Should not all those 41 recipients be arrested and charged in court? Is it because there is not enough evidence to charge them in court?

Furthermore, Najib Tun Razak’s 1MDB trial has been postponed to October. This means it will not be until after October that they will know the outcome of that trial and whether Najib is guilty of stealing 1MDB’s money. So, on what basis is the civil forfeiture being done if they do not know yet whether that RM270 million came from 1MDB? Is this not what they call putting the cart before the horse?

It looks like in the end this matter is going to quietly go away and the only reason it has been raised in such a sensational manner and full of drama is to take everyone’s attention away from the sex scandal involving Pakatan Harapan leaders. Pakatan Harapan is in a real mess and the confidence level in the government is at its lowest since May 2018. The question now is can Pakatan Harapan survive until GE15 or is it going to self-destruct within a year?

And, today, Rais Yatim told Malaysians that Anwar Ibrahim might not be appointed PM8 after all. At the same time, Haziq Aziz is challenging Azmin Ali so sue him, while Azmin’s lawyers have announced they are not accepting the challenge. We sure do live in interesting times.