PAS Muktamar approves motion for political cooperation with Umno

(Bernama): The 65th PAS Muktamar (general assembly) Saturday (June 22) passed a motion for the party to seal a political agreement with Umno.

The motion, tabled by Dewan Ulama Information chief Mohd Asri Mat Daud, received unanimous support from the delegates.

Mohd Asri, when tabling the motion, said PAS could not forge cooperation with Umno merely on the basis of “taawun” (cooperation for the benefit of Islam), but should take a step further through “tahaluf siyasi” (political cooperation).

“PAS should also set basic guidelines, conditions and limitations for the political cooperation with Umno,” he added.

Meanwhile, PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, when met by reporters, said the party’s Ulama Syura Council had in principle approved the political cooperation with Umno.

“The matter had been discussed by the council and this motion is only for endorsement by delegates at the assembly,” he added.