Ex-IGP says sodomy illegal, Haziq’s confession makes both in clip guilty

(MMO) – Former top cop Tan Sri Musa Hasan said today both Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz and the second person in the leaked sex video clips are guilty of sodomy and should be investigated.

The ex-inspector general of police said sex between two men is unlawful, consensual or otherwise, and Haziq’s confession renders his partner in the video complicit of the act.

“In Malaysia, the act of sodomy be it with consent or not is illegal,” Musa responded to a question posed by someone on Twitter.

“Investigation must be conducted if a report was lodged. If one of them had confessed then the other person is an accomplice…”

It is unclear if Haziq had committed sodomy. The video clips only depicted two men performing oral sex.

The same Penal Code that criminalises sodomy does not explicitly state if oral sex between two persons of the same sex is unlawful.

Haziq, a former PKR member and senior aide to a deputy minister, made a video-recorded confession that he was the person seen in the leaked clips.

He also alleged the second man was Economic Affairs Minister and PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali.

Azmin denied the allegation and said the video clips are fake and the work of powerful party insiders.