Vernacular schools not uniting the races, says PAS Muslimat delegate

PAS Muslimat delegate Salamiah Md Nor says Pakatan Harapan has failed to fulfil its promise to reform the education system.

(FMT) – A PAS Muslimat delegate today called for an end to vernacular schools, saying they do not unite the races.

Salamiah Md Nor also said Mandarin should not become a second language for Malaysians.

Salamiah, who said she was speaking on behalf on the women’s wing, was taking part in the debate on the president’s policy speech at PAS’ 65th Muktamar in Kuantan.

“The Dewan Muslimat wishes to urge, and hopes, that the education minister takes action and puts an end to the vernacular school system as it does not unite the races or reduce the gap in understanding among the races.

“We are also unwilling for Mandarin to be made a second language.

“We want the second language to be that of the Quran and Sunnah, which has been neglected for generations, resulting in some Muslims becoming ignorant of the Quran,” she said..

Salamiah said the feedback received was that some were not comfortable with the vernacular system.

She also chided Pakatan Harapan (PH) over its failure to fulfil its promise of reforming the education system.

“What we have seen is the switching of white school shoes to black shoes. This has inconvenienced parents as well as those who have a stockpile of white school shoes,” she said.

She called on PAS to come up with its own education system, which should not only consist of a clear and holistic understanding in terms of religion but also include vocational, agricultural and technological skills.

“The education system must be drafted with a clear curriculum and can compete with the current education system.

“We cannot deny that the present education system has failed to raise individuals with good and noble values. Instead, we have many embroiled in corruption, power abuse and involvements in crony projects.

“The current system has also failed to the point that it has resulted in a moral crisis among students, with many getting involved in shameful cases, in minor crimes as well as serious ones,” she added.