Malaysia: A muted future without a pilot

The aftershocks from the pornographic videos — despite the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission’s (MCMC) best efforts to dissuade their spread — reveal severe fault-lines in the long-term future of Malaysian leadership.

Praba Ganesan, The Malay Mail Online

Here’s the state of play. Azmin Ali has a sex scandal foisted upon him, relegating truth as a troublesome distraction. Anwar Ibrahim’s team is being associated with the fiasco, which by extension “suggests” footprints to him. What happens if both are complicit to any degree?

If the two are damaged beyond redemption by this development — mindful, they’ve been linked to a myriad of controversies prior — who would succeed the Langkawi MP as prime minister?

Two leaders down, and the country is staring into a barren plain waiting for a new saviour? Ridiculous, but true.

Our political pundits must scratch their heads to conjure up a replacement list, or even a single name. This may be Mahathir Mohamad’s lasting legacy, a prolonged period of leadership vacuum when he leaves.

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