Amid rumour MCA split over PAS meet, Tuan Ibrahim says party will continue collaboration

(MMO) – PAS said today it will continue to cooperate with Opposition parties dominated by non-Muslims including MIC and MCA, amid rumours that the latter party was split on whether to send representatives to its muktamar or annual congress.

The Islamist party’s deputy president Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said PAS prefers to focus on the future and what it can accomplish instead, rather than “obsess” over thnic issues.

“We will meet with the leadership of MCA and MIC, where we sometimes pay them visits at this offices, and vice versa,” he said during a press conference following the conclusion of the first half of PAS Youth’s muktamar at Bukit Gambang Resort here.

Some in MCA reported wished to attend the event, while others threatened to resign from their posts if the the ethnic Chinese party sends representatives.

In addition, he said the PAS Youth’s muktamar theme of “Demi Islam”, or “For Islam’s Sake” is not contradictory to the party’s efforts to co-operate with MIC and MCA, citing Islam as the “blessing to humankind”.

“Under Islam no religion will find itself sidelined, as it appreciates all religions and races. When we won Kelantan some non-Muslims were fearful their culture, dietary practices and beliefs would be sidelined,” Ibrahim said.

Instead he insisted Islam has built a sense of harmony among everyone, and guaranteed their rights.

“Non-Muslims have nothing to worry about, as our rule in Kelantan for over 30 years has proven this as such,” Ibrahim claimed.