Kuala Koh Orang Asli deaths a tragic lesson to anti-vaxxers, says ex-health minister

The deaths of several Orang Asli from the Batek tribe in Kelantan should serve as a lesson to those objecting to vaccinations, former health minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said.

(MMO) – The former Segamat MP said that measles could have weakened the Batek tribe members’ immune system, and caused a reactivation of latent pathogens which were lying dormant in their bodies.

“Despite this, there are still some, either due to ignorance, laziness or differing beliefs who do not immunise themselves.

“While to some, not immunising might be seen as a exercise of personal freedom, the Kg Koh incident has shown how tragic it could be to others,” he wrote on his Facebook page, saying that the incident “has taken a very unfortunate and serious turn”.

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