Wanita PKR leader tells Haziq to resign over sex video claims

(MMO) – A Wanita PKR leader urged party member Mohd Haziq Abdul Aziz to relinquish all his positions to ensure unimpeded investigations into his claim of involvement in a sex scandal implicating a senior party leader and minister.

Sharifah Hazlina Syed Musa Jamalullail, who is Wanita PKR’s deputy secretary, said he should also do so as a sign of respect for the people.

“We have more urgent issues at hand, and we must remain focused on all aspects related to education, economy and good governance.

“My fear is that if we indulge in this game of defamation once more, we will be lost in our cause of wanting to see reformation as this rings and reeks of a familiar scenario 20 years ago,” she said in a statement.

She then proposed that women candidates be considered as replacement for the roles that Haziq vacates.

Several videos of roughly 90 seconds each began circulating on social media early yesterday morning which depict a man performing sexual acts on another man that allegedly resembles a minister.

Last night, Haziq, the senior private secretary to Primary Industries Deputy Minister Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, allegedly admitted on his Facebook page to being the other person in the video that purportedly features a PKR leader.