In politics you must pick a side. Leftist, rightist, centrist. Now they have two more – front side and back side.

Who is the real mastermind “behind” the video?  
How did they get those bank statements from TWO banks?

OutSyed The Box

I am sure you have all seen those yukky videos that have gone viral since yesterday. Plus the scans of the bank statements.  And this morning the other guy in that video has appeared in another video, “confessing” that it is him in that sex video. He says it took place in Sandakan during the By Election on May 11, 2019. That was just a month ago.

Looks like kantoi for the Cabinet Minister.
He was also a great disappointment in his job.
Not even 10% as clever in his job as he is at talking in the ceramahs.

Dalam video pun nampak lembik aje bro.

Well the revelations are certainly extremely well coordinated.
Who has the capacity to make such videos?
And who has the capacity to get “Bank Statements” from TWO different banks for the same transaction?

One bank statement possible lah – but from two banks? Wow.  You need some pull inside the banking system. And the bank statements are from 2017 !

Didnt Rafizi get convicted for the same “offense” – divulging a bank statement.

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