Sarawak Report implicates Mahathir in corruption

Damned Corruption Began With Bakun

(Sarawak Report) – Yesterday, Sarawak Report revealed corruption over the felling of billions of ringgit worth of virgin jungle destroyed in the name of hydro-electricity at Murum.

That cynical pattern was a repeat of course of the earlier construction of Bakun Dam, which the PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim had attempted to halt while he was finance minister back in 1999.

Sarawak Report gets funding from the Bruno Manser Fund to attack Abdul Taib Mahmud

Once again, the easy money from Bakun came from the raid on the timber.  Go to the ‘resettlement zone’ of Sungai Asap to see if any of the local people displaced by this white elephant project benefitted from the billions of dollars worth of prime virgin jungle (sorry “Biomass”) logged from their customary lands.

Meanwhile, the company that was given the contract in defiance of proper tendering, Ekran Berhad, which is controlled by the Sarawak ‘entrepreneur’ Ting Peck Khiing took very good care to make sure that plenty of shares in both the parent company and even more importantly the company contracted to do the logging, Pacific Chemicals, were handed to the children of Taib Mahmud.

Abdul Taib Mahmud has the protection of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad