Umno leaders tussle for control of Malaysia’s former ruling party

Umno’s resurgence since the turn of the year has sparked a leadership tussle as different factions vie for control of the once all-dominant party after its stunning defeat in Malaysia’s election last year.

(Straits Times) – The power struggle looks set to come to a head at the party’s general assembly in November, when members will decide on constitutional amendments that will disqualify leaders convicted of crimes from taking up party posts.

If approved, these amendments will forestall the comeback ambitions of former prime minister Najib Razak and his erstwhile deputy Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, as well as a coterie of party warlords, who all currently face criminal charges for corruption and abuse of power.

Sources told The Straits Times that acting Umno chief Mohamad Hasan is said to be pushing these amendments, with his ally and vice-president Khaled Nordin heading a committee tasked with overseeing the process for constitutional changes.

Several officials have publicly confirmed the proposal to disqualify convicted leaders.

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