The Maszlee dilemma: Kit Siang realises DAP is in danger of losing Chinese support

“As far as I am concerned, Kit Siang can take his “New Malaysia” concept and shove it right up his. It is despicable that his DAP got Ramasamy to whack Maszlee for stating what every sane-minded, right thinking Malaysian already knows regarding the Chinese bias that exists in the private sector. If indeed the DAP is all about “a New Malaysia for all Malaysians irrespective of race or creed,” you would have heard Ramasamy seeking dialogues with the Ministry of Education to discuss constructive ways in which the DAP and the universities could engage with the private sector to eradicate the bias”

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

The debate is raging on, and the person who started it all is none other than your friendly neighbourhood Chinaman, Lim Kit Siang. Well, not so friendly, depends on who’s doing the talking. If you’re one of those who joins the senior Lim for a couple of Stouts every now and then, then yes, he’s probably the next best thing to Patch Adams right after a three-bottle marathon of the hard stuff. But if you’re someone like me who he absolutely abhors, hates the guts of and probably wished dropped dead, then no, he’s really not that friendly. Anyway, we’re on debates here, and today, we’re going to be talking about the one regarding Dr Maszlee Malik and his position on Bumiputra quotas which Kit Siang is trying very hard to stir.

Oh yes, the quota still exists no matter what the previous Barisan Nasional administration told you. Yesterday, the senior Lim was described by Malaysiakini as having “raised a red flag over what he claims is a campaign to portray DAP as out to get Education Minister Maszlee Malik.” Now, before we go any further, it’d be good to note, that whenever you hear of Kit Siang raising red flags, raise your own. I mean, seriously, this guy has raised hundreds and hundreds of red flags over decades on just about everything under the sun. There was the one about Mahathir being a religious fanatic, the one about him being a despot, the one about Petronas being run from the kitchen of Tun Hussein Onn’s house (which Mahathir raised), etc. Whenever Lim opens his mouth, raise a red flag, because whatever he says always depends on who’s sitting next to him and who’s not.