Putrajaya’s Islamic body says interfaith studies not suitable for primary schools

(Bernama) – The Islamic Propagation Foundation of Malaysia (Yadim) said a proposal by the Malaysian Youth Council (MBM) to have a subject on interfaith studies for primary school students is unsuitable.

Yadim president Nik Omar Nik Aziz said the proposal should be scrutinised and studied from all angles before it can be implemented.

“For young students, especially Muslims, we should focus on providing Islamic education and strengthening their faith, by exposing them with the basic of Fardhu Ain,” he said.

“The proposal is more suitable for those in the secondary school or institution or higher education as they will be able understand Islam more, but it is really unsuitable for those in primary school,” he told reporters last night.

The education ministry has also rejected the proposal.

But its minister Maszlee Malik said that he was consistent with the ministry’s previous suggestion that schools and universities should organise more cross-cultural programmes.

On Saturday, MBM president Jufitri Joha said the Islamic studies subject currently being taught in schools was good, but was only focused on one religion.

He said his proposal did not mean that the country would practise religious equality, but learning about various religions would “foster unity and promote religious sensitivity for different cultures”.