Kit Siang frustrated the 1MDB issue losing traction

(MMO) – Veteran lawmaker Lim Kit Siang has theorised five tactics allegedly used by Datuk Seri Najib Razak and fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho to win back the peoples’ support and distance themselves from the scandals surrounding 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

The Iskandar Puteri MP, in a lengthy statement today, said the five tactics were used by Najib and Low, also known as Jho Low, to escape accountability for the 1MDB mega scandal and avoid spending their remaining years in Sungai Buloh Prison.

Firstly, Lim called out Najib’s “Malu Apa Bossku” slogan as a subliminal campaign, to vindicate himself as having done no wrong in the 1MDB scandal, and in turn portray himself as a victim of persecution by Pakatan Harapan (PH).

Lim suggested how Najib and his cyber troopers were online attempting to plant the seed of distrust towards PH, by playing down the 1MDB saga and instead highlighting how the administration was a failure at tackling issues like the rising cost of living.

“Tandem with the creation of this public opinion, the kleptocratic duo’s cyber troopers were entrusted with the task of dominating the media, in particular, the social media.

“To shout down those who speak or write about 1MDB and Najib’s kleptocracy as if they had committed some heinous crime akin to treason; when in fact, it was Najib’s kleptocracy which was the real treason,” he wrote.

Next, Lim said how allegations that Malay and Islamic rights are under threat under PH and the call for Malay and Muslims to unite and defend their rights and interests by Najib and his team was another tactic in attempting to “peddle the toxic and vicious politics of lies and falsehoods to create distrust”.

The government backbencher also denied suggestions of the PH government being dominated by DAP, or that the party had betrayed the Chinese and Indian community by prioritising the interests of the Malays instead, putting it down as another strategy he claimed was employed by Najib.

“These lies and falsehoods, the Umno-PAS accusation that DAP dominates PH and the MCA-MIC accusation that DAP had betrayed the rights and interests of Chinese and Indians and non-Muslim religions, are contradictory and untrue.

‘But they are designed the polarise Malaysians according to race and religion,” Lim suggested.

He said the fifth tactic used by the former prime minister was to spread the notion that PH had betrayed its election manifesto and was a failed administration that would lose power at the next general election, a claim Lim rejected.

Lim, in conceding how these tactics had actually managed to garner some success through victories in the Cameron Highlands, Semenyih, and Rantau by-elections, pointed out how DAP’s landslide victory in the recent Sandakan polls sent Najib’s strategists back to the drawing board.

“The PH/Warisan landslide victory in the Sandakan by-election sent the Najib-Jho Low strategists and plotters back to the drawing board as it was clear that these five tactics could not win them Putrajaya, or enabled the Malaysian kleptocratic duo to escape their just deserts (sic) for their mega crimes of kleptocracy,” Lim wrote.

Lim then suggested that following the results in Sandakan, Najib and Low now have a sixth tactic to divert attention from then, which is to create or magnify rifts and divisions between political parties and personalities of PH.

Given the potential danger of falling victim to such tactics, Lim then reminded all PH leaders to stay true to their election promise and remained focused on rebuilding the nation.