Former aide accuses PKR MP of sexual harassment

(FMT) – A woman who once worked for a PKR MP (Kesavan s/o Subramaniam aka S. Kesavan) is claiming he harassed her repeatedly and has lodged a police report.

The woman, whose identity has been withheld, said in her police report she had worked for the MP as a parliamentary research officer since May 9 last year and was also a treasurer of a Perak PKR branch.

She claimed that the MP’s attitude towards her started changing between last December and April this year, when he resorted to calling her “ammu” and “cayang” during each of their meetings.

“Things started taking a turn for the worse when he started sending WhatsApp messages to me.

“I advised him to watch his conduct because he is a married man but he never listened and continued harassing me.

“I had to block his number because he kept calling me up to 50 times a day,” she said in a police report sighted by FMT.

The woman claimed that on each occasion, he would cry and give excuses that he was lacking affection and wished to find true love.

“I had, on several occasions, threatened to resign if he continued behaving that way. In December last year, I tendered my resignation through WhatsApp as I could no longer bear his constant sexual harassment.

“He came to my house in Puchong the following day, apologised to me and begged me to stay on.

“He also swore in front of my husband that he needed my help very much and promised to not repeat his actions,” she said.

However, at the end of April, she claimed he kept making video calls to her, showing the Kamasutra book and sending her obscene pictures.

“I lost my patience and immediately informed my husband, who asked me to quickly tender my resignation, which I did in a formal letter to the MP on April 30.

“I had to do so to save my marriage even though I was very much interested in the work I was doing as a parliamentary research officer, where I had helped resolve issues in the constituency within a short span of time,” she said.

The woman said she felt compelled to lodge the report as she was feeling traumatised.

“I hereby ask that the police investigate this criminal act of seducing another man’s wife with the intent of breaking apart a marriage.

“It is very unbecoming of an MP to do such things. There cannot be any compromise on this matter as it involves the integrity and conduct of an MP,” she added.

FMT has reached out to the MP for comments but without success.

Calls to his mobile phone initially went unanswered. The phone was later switched off.