Hadi’s son-in-law explains why he revealed PAS ‘dedak cartel’ taking Umno funds

PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s son-in-law today explained that his public disclosure of an alleged “cartel dedak” or group within the Islamist party that purportedly took funds from former foe Umno was a pre-emptive move.

(MMO) – Zaharudin Muhammad, who was a former member of PAS’ influential Syura Council, said he did not want the party to be dragged down together along with Umno.

In a Facebook post, Zaharudin said he had two options in his “mission” of distancing the PAS president, the Council and central committee from being linked to the alleged practice of taking “dedak” (animal feed) ― an allusion to taking funds as bribes in exchange for political support.

Zaharudin said he could protest silently, but said the outcome of such an option would be that PAS members and the public perceiving the PAS president, the Majlis Syura Ulama and PAS central to be engaging in taking “dedak”.

“If this choice is made, the bigger effect that can happen is if Umno and the SRC case and such are dragged, then not only Umno and DS Najib will be punished, but PAS and PAS leadership can also get dragged,” he said on his Facebook page today.

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