Don’t meddle in Johor Islamic affairs, warns TMJ

(Bernama) – The Crown Prince of Johor, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, today reminded those who have nothing to do with Johor not to cause problems by interfering in the state’s Islamic affairs.

Speaking at the opening of the seventh Darul Ta’zim Gathering of Ulama, held in conjunction with the official birthday of the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, here, Tunku Ismail reminded all quarters that Johor is a sovereign state with its own constitution, based on the Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah.

“To those who have nothing to do with Johor, don’t meddle with Islamic religious affairs, which are state matters.

“And don’t create problems among the people of Johor or confuse them, including the Johor royalty.

“In fact, Johor is always ready to share knowledge and work together to strengthen the ummah (Muslims) in the region,” said Tunku Ismail.

Present at the ceremony were the Tunku Temenggong of Johor, Tunku Idris Iskandar; the Tunku Panglima of Johor, Tunku Abdul Rahman; and the Tunku Putera of Johor, Tunku Abu Bakar.

Also present were Johor Menteri Besar Dr Sahruddin Jamal and state Islamic Affairs, Agriculture and Rural Development Committee chairman Tosrin Jarvanthi.

Tunku Ismail also advised all parties not to smear the image of mosques and suraus by indulging in activities that can undermine Muslims.

Only matters concerning Islam and suitable to Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaáh can be raised during sermons, lectures, talks and other activities at mosques and suraus in the state, he said.

Tunku Ismail said these speakers should be qualified and accredited by the Johor Islamic Religious Council (MAINJ) and should be sensitive to current issues.

“The same applies to speakers from political parties who, despite being qualified in Islamic matters, could lace their talks with politics because of their political leanings.

“In this matter, I would like to remind all, don’t be a thorn in the flesh. The consequences will be damaging.

“If we cause confusion in these places by raising matters not connected to Islam, the role of mosques and suraus in propagating Islamic teachings will become meaningless,” he said.

On the setting up of the Johor Halal Council under the supervision of MAINJ, Tunku Ismail said its role is to regulate the halal industry and promote Johor’s halal products to a wider market.

Earlier, Sultan Ibrahim suggested that the federal and Johor governments set aside any dispute or misunderstanding and meet and discuss matters with maturity for the good of all, especially the people.

In a post on his official Facebook account, the Ruler hoped the focus would be on the development and progress of Johor.

“The new state leadership should remain focused and enhance efforts to take care of the people’s welfare and interests,” he said.

Sultan Ibrahim said he hoped that all quarters would extend their fullest cooperation to enable the Johor administration to function smoothly.

“For that reason, if there is any dispute or misunderstanding, particularly involving the relationship between the state of Johor and the federal government, I suggest that we set aside the differences. Instead, it is best that we meet and discuss matters with maturity for the good of all, especially the people.