Bad feng shui: Mahathir lost tiga-kosong in one week

A Malaysia Today reader overheard this conversation between two kopitiam patrons regarding the latest development in Malaysian politics.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Wah! MB Johor resign already.

So, who is the new MB?

Don’t know yet. Mahathir said he has not decided yet who.

I think he needs to meet Sultan first to get Tuanku’s blessing.

No lah. Mahathir said who becomes MB is government’s decision, not Sultan’s decision.

Where got? His son got sacked as Kedah MB was Sultan’s decision, what! Mahathir couldn’t do anything.

True. Najib sacked Mukhriz but got Kedah Palace to force him to resign.

That’s why Mahathir so angry with Najib. Mahathir never lose any fight. But on his son’s case he lost to Najib.

Aiyah, this week alone Mahathir lose three cases. Tiga kosong.


Yes. The Rome Statute. The Johor MB case. And then the MA63 Bill in Parliament. Tiga kosong.

Actually the Johor MB case only because of his bad feng shui.

True. If you look at his face can see his face got no feng shui.

Actually, if you look at all Pakatan Minister’s faces can see all also got no feng shui. See that Perak fellow. Face like cartoon. That Mat Sabu also same. All lah! Faces got no feng shui one.

But Johor MB case because of his many wives and house.

Many wives and house?

Yes, he wanted to marry a fourth wife so he bribed his third wife by buying her a RM1 million house.

Four wives where got good feng shui? Must marry five mah! Four no good!

Five cannot. Muslims can only marry four.

That’s why Malays always bad luck. Never care about feng shui.

The problem more than that. The MB bought his wife house number 44.

Number 44! Sei lah!

Yes, then house facing junction some more.

Aiyoh! That one inviting the devil to enter the house.

That’s why. After that his luck all flow away. Not even one year MB got to resign.

Hah! Worse than Mukhriz. At least Mukhriz three years. And now come back second round.

Same like his father lah. Come back second round.

Yea lah. But this time only two years, not 22 years.

No lah. This time he stay five years. If he don’t stay five year then Anwar take over. If Anwar take over his sons all sei one.

True. Anwar will never let Mahathir’s sons go. Mahathir know that. So Mahathir has to finish off Anwar first to save his sons.

Anwar also feng shui no good. Longest PM-in-waiting in Malaysian history. Since 1993. 26 years.

Where got 26 years? When he join Umno in 1982 it is to become PM.

Wah! 37 years PM-in-waiting? Must be world record.

By 2023 it will be 41 years PM-in-waiting.

No lah. I heard he going to jail soon for Sodomy Four.

Sodomy Three or Sodomy Four?

Sodomy Four. First one was Azizan. Second one was his adopted brother and Dr Munawar. They went to jail but Anwar escape. Third one was Saiful. So this is fourth sodomy case.

Four means very bad feng shui. This time he goes to jail maybe 20 years.

Won’t be 20 years. Good conduct by 13 years can come out.

13 years also very long mah. By then Anwar age 86 or 87.

So what? Mahathir 93 also can become PM.

True. So Anwar come out of jail in 2033 can become Malaysia’s new PM.

Won’t be 2033. At least 2040.

Why 2040?

Anwar delay his trial 7 years like last time. So, with 7 years delay, total 20 years before he come out of jail. So 2040, not 2033.

That time I not around anymore so who cares.

Actually, if Pakatan still the government by then, Malaysia also will not be around anymore.