Guan Eng failed to show firm offer, Terowong style RFP?

Another Brick in the Wall

Update on the two previous postings – HERE and HERE on the proposed sales of the Malaysia Building in Hong Kong.

Lim Guan Eng responded to Wee Ka Siong allegation he had mistaken Hong Kong dollar for Malaysian Ringgit to show a letters that could prove there was such an offer. When provoked, the egoistc and hot tempered Guan Eng reacted expectedly.

The Star video below of the press statements of Guan Eng and Ka Siong’s immediate reply.

For more detailed PC, refer to Malaysiakini You Tube of Guan Eng’s HERE and Wee Ka Siong’s reply intentionally uncovered M’kini on his Facebook HERE.

The letter stated RM1.68 billion and was dated January 2019. Strange that Guan Eng did not go to town to gloat as RM1.7 billion.