RPK: I earned the right to criticise Pakatan

Raja Petra Kamarudin

(via conversation with TTF)

Not many are aware, that we did a bebaskan Anwar hunger strike for 11 days at the PAS HQ until Wan Azizah asked us to call it off. We organised the Kesas Highway demonstration and got detained under ISA because of it. I ran the FAC for 6 years at my own expense with no financial help from Anwar’s family and managed to keep Anwar’s name being mentioned in the UK, US, Australia and EU Parliament.

What did Nurul Izzah do? Nurul only resigned today. I ‘resigned’ 9 years back in 2010 for the same reason. She is 9 years too late. And she did not once thank me for organising and sponsoring 2 fund raising dinners for her in GE13.

Do you know that when she got married, we Reformasi activists were banned from going to the house. Do you know that the message we received was “jangan cemarkan majlis?”

And some of the Reformasi activists slept in tents in her garden every night to act as jagas so that they can sleep peacefully at night. Can you imagine how it felt on nights when it rained?

When I stood outside the house to take photos of the pengantin, her security guards shoved me aside. I punched the chap and almost smashed the camera on another chap.

Azmin then called up a few days later to offer to sell us the photographs for a few thousand ringgit. I told his agent to shove the photos up his arse.

That of course was 16-17 years ago. And they question my loyalty?