PAS takes DAP to task over false HIV figures in Kelantan

(The Star) – PAS took DAP’s Keranji assemblyman Chong Zhemin to task for falsely claiming that Kelantan has recorded the highest number of HIV cases in the country.

PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan said data obtained from the Ministry of Health showed the highest number of cases were recorded in Selangor (986 cases), Federal Territory (464), Johor (347), Sarawak (226), Sabah (211) and Penang (193) in 2017.

“Even Perak (154) had recorded a higher number of HIV cases, compared with Kelantan (136),” said Nasrudin.

He said this in response to Chong’s comment in a news portal claiming Kelantan recorded the highest number of HIV cases despite having no cinemas for three decades.

Nasrudin noted that Kelantan’s position in the HIV list had dropped from seventh spot in 2015 to ninth in 2017.

“The number of HIV cases in Kelantan dropped from 189 in 2016 to 136 in 2017, while Selangor recorded an increase from 888 to 986 respectively,” he said.

He questioned if DAP was resorting to the politics of provocation and slander to divert attention away from the tunnel scandal in DAP-controlled Penang, and to stir sentiment against PAS-Umno collaboration.

DAP’s relentless attacks reflects its fear of the PAS-Umno collaboration making waves to change the political landscape in Malaysia, he said.

“DAP appears to be drunk in its new-found power, and have no qualms in resorting to provocation and slander for cheap publicity.

“However, DAP appears to be losing control despite, being a dominant force in the Pakatan Harapan government,” he said.