LFL says has proof of more judicial interference, joins calls for RCI

In the wake of a shocking affidavit filed by Court of Appeal judge Datuk Dr Hamid Sultan Abu Backer, a lawyers group is saying it has proof of further judicial interference and is joining a chorus of calls for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI).

(The Star) – Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) said it has collected evidence of interference with subordinate court judges in politically sensitive issues.

The group said this includes an incident where a top judge interfered with a high profile “political” prosecution at the Shah Alam Sessions Court during the Barisan Nasional administration.
“We believe this top judge may be the same ‘ARLC’ referred to by Hamid. We are prepared to provide all information to an RCI.


LFL also joined calls urging an RCI be formed to look into alleged judicial misconduct during Barisan’s administration.

Its advisor N. Surendran said the proposed RCI will provide immunity and protection to all potential witnesses, including Hamid himself.

“The ambit of the RCI must be wide and not limited to any time period, but include the whole period of Barisan rule subject to availability of evidence,” he said in the LFL statement.

“No stone must be left unturned, till all the truth is discovered.”

On Thursday (Feb 14), Hamid, in a 65-page affidavit, claimed that a top judge, referred to as “ARLC” became a sort of a “Maharajalela” (tyrant) dictating what judges should do and write.

Hamid also claimed that scams was carried out by nominees of politicians getting into contracts with the government, but once the government pulled out, the private parties would take the government to court to claim compensation.

Earlier Friday, the National Patriots Association (Patriot) also called for an RCI be formed to look into Hamid’s allegations, as did many Malaysians who took to social media.