The message from Cameron Highlands: money talks, bullshit walks

Raja Sara Petra

I was studying in Middlesex University when the 2010 UK general election was held. Many who voted Labour in 2005 turned mainly because of excessive government spending in the public sector with no real benefit to the rakyat.

The Cameron Highlands by-election result shows that never mind whether it is in the UK, US, or Malaysia, at the end of the day it all boils down to money. When Pakatan Harapan swept the May 2018 general election it was based on the ‘feel-good factor’. Malaysia was supposed to be turned into the land of milk-and-honey and the roads were going to be paved in gold once Barisan Nasional is kicked out.

That has now been proven a pack of lies, just like the pack of lies Pakatan fed Malaysians regarding all the other issues as well, 1MDB being just one of them. This year, Malaysia is going to face an economic downturn. Jobs are going to be lost, businesses are declining in profits, and the Ringgit is not going to stretch as far as it used to just one year ago.

The message from Cameron Highlands is money talks and bullshit walks. And after seven months of bullshit, the voters are telling Pakatan to walk. But this is only the yellow card. If Pakatan continues with its bullshit the red card will come. And trust me on this one: it is coming.